The Keeper of Ancient Words

For those of you who have recently subscribed to my blog, don’t think I haven’t written since 2006. I simply moved to a more manageable (for me) blog.

You can read my thoughts about life, books, God, people, adventures, Oxford, and more here: The Keeper of Ancient Words.

~ Jody


2 thoughts on “The Keeper of Ancient Words

  1. Hi,

    GREAT Blog-name!

    Congratulations on your move. Since you do not seem to be using this blog anymore, would you please consider transferring the blog to us?

    We are also a Christian website/blog and we will not delete your articles/posts.

    Thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

    Best regards,

    • Wow, my apologies for not replying to this comment sooner… I’m actually thinking of reviving this blog at some point soon and will probably keep the name. Thanks for asking, though!
      ~ Jody

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